C200 Cat4 CPE

Product Overview

The Cat4 Indoor CPE C200 is a wireless router, which support 2.4G Wi-Fi, providing high-speeding and stable LTE Cat4 network for users at home or in office. The product confirms to 3GPP Release10 standard.

C200 key features for user:

  • Data service
  • SMS
  • Security service
  • Local and OTA maintenance management function


C200 mainly supports the following features:

Item Description
Frequency Access to LTE wireless networks
High-speed data access LTE FDD: DL 150Mbps, UL 50Mbps
LTE TDD: DL 110Mbps, UL 10Mbps
HSPA+: DL 21Mbps, UL 5.76Mbps
HSPA: DL 14.4Mbps, UL 5.76Mbps
WCDMA PS: 384Kbps
EDGE: DL 296Kbps, UL 236.8Kbps
GPRS: 85Kbps
Wi-Fi Complies with wireless 802.11b/g/n standards with data rates up to 300Mbps
Wi-Fi Security: WEP, WPA2, AES or TKIP, WP A2/WPA
Max 32 Wi-Fi connections
MAC Whitelist, Blacklist,
Cellular Network Management Traffic statistics
APN Profile setting
Profile Management
Router DHCP server
Security IP/Port/URL filter, Port forward, DMZ, UPnP, DDNS
Messaging SMS
Phone book
FW Update FOTA/Local update
SIM Removable nano(4FF) SIM

Technical Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Item Description

Technical Standard


3GPP Release 10


IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Working Frequency Band

Remark: Here are generic bands for market sample, bands customiz ed is available.





External Port

● Two Million ethernet RJ45 ports (Optional)

● One RJ11 port for VoLTE (Optional)

● Two external cellular antennas

● One DC port for power adapter

● One nano(4FF) sim slot


● One power LED

● One mode LED

● One signal strength LED

● One Wi-Fi LED



● One Power button

● One WPS button

● One Reset(hidden) button


● External LTE/UMTS/GSM primary antenna

● External LTE/UMTS secondary antenna

● Built-in WLAN 2.4G antenna

Maximum TX power


Conform to 3GPP Power Class 3

Wi-Fi Gain

About 3.5dBi

RX sensitivity


Conform to 3GPP Definition


Conform to 3GPP Definition


Conform to 3GPP Definition

Max Power consumption


DC power supply

Input 5V/2A



Case material



● Working temperature: 0°C to 40°C

● Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C



Antenna Frequency Specifications

Item Description


LTE/UMTS/GSM Primary: about 3.5dBi
LTE/UMTS/GSM Secondary: about 3.5dBi
WIFI 1: 3.0dBi
WIFI 2: 3.5dBi


LTE/UMTS/GSM Primary: about -2dBi
LTE/UMTS/GSM Secondary: about -2dBi
WIFI 1: -0.6dBi
WIFI 2: -2dBi


Wi-Fi: Linear

Software Specifications

Item Description

Cellular wireless network

Network Search

Supports automatic or manual network search, the default is automatic

Connection Managem ent

Supports automatic and manual connection to the cellular network

Network Mode

Supports various network mode

● Auto

● LTE only

● WCDMA only

● GSM only

Profile Management

Auto mode, set the profile information

required for Internet access according to the SIM card automatically, avoid cumbersome operations for users

● Profile name

● APN name

● User name

● User password

● Authentication type, auto/pap/chap IP type, ipv4/6

Traffic statistics

Supports traffic statistics, including download, upload and total.


Wi-Fi settings

● SSID/Key

● Channel selection, auto or manual

● Various security mode and algorithms

  • Disable
  • WEP (wired equivalent protocol)
  • WPA2 personal (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 Personal), AES or TKIP
  • WPA2/WPA mixed mode (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 Personal/Wi-FiProtected Access Personal), AES or TKIP

● Enable/disable SSID broadcast

● max number of users up to 32 Enable/disable Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a latest standard published by the Wi-Fi Alliance with the aim of simplifying the configuration process to establish a secure wireless home network.

The device Supports two WPS methods

● PBC (Push Button Configuration), in which user simply has to push a actual button or virtual one on web UI

● PIN (Personal Information Number), in which a PIN is entered into device through Web UI

MAC Address Authentication

Support the following MAC address authentication method

● White list

● Black list


The device works as a route, supports

● Default gateway address:

● Standard protocol such as ARP, ICMP, IPv4, IPv6, etc.

NAT, translate a public IP address to a private IP address and vice versa

DHCP server

DHCP server dynamically allocate IP address to client devices

● Enable/disable DHCP server

● Configures DHCP server address pool

● Lease time, default as 86400 seconds

DNS relay

Supports DNS relay for client devices

● Auto mode, use DNS servers from WAN

● Manual mode, set primary DNS and secondary DNS manually

Basic Status

Users can view the following basic device information on web UI

● SIM status, Signal strength, roaming status

● Operator name

● Data transmission indication

● Battery status

● Network access technology

● Network Status



● Wi-Fi Status

The number of devices connected to CPE and their details, including name, IP, MAC, etc.

Phone Book

Supports contact group management

● Add group

● Delete group(s), batch operation is supported

● View and modify existing group information Supports search

Supports contact management

● Add contact

● Delete contact(s), batch operation is supported

● Move contact(s) to group, batch operation is supported

● Import contact from SIM card

● Supports search

● View contacts list, Supports pagination display

● Modify existing contact information, including name, number, group, etc.

Select one or more contacts and send them a text message


Supports SMS (short message service) related functions

● Inbox, outbox, and draft management

● View list of messages, Supports pagination display

● and detail of messages, including number, content, date, etc.

● Edit, save, delete, and modify SMS

● Sending short message to one or more contacts

● Receives short message, new and unread message alerts

● Replay and forward message

● Supports various data coding scheme, GSM 7-bit and UCS

● Supports normal message, up to 160 ASCII characters or 70 UCS2 characters

● Supports long message (concatenated short messages), up to 612 ASCII characters or 268 UCS2 characters

● Supports flash message


The device supports the following security functions.

● IP Filter

● Port Filter

● URL Filter

● Port forward


● UPnP


Firmware Update


Provide complete FOTA solution

● Detect new firmware information on FOTA server manually/automatically, including version, size, release date, and release note, etc.

● Download new firmware from the server and update the device

The server initiates a firmware update for the specified device

Local Update

Users can also upload firmware and update it through the Web UI



Supports PIN of SIM Card, including

● Enable/disable PIN

● Change PIN

● Verify PIN

● Reset Pin by PUK

Customization functions

● Web UI

● SIM Lock

● APN (Profile)

● Trusted boot


● Domain name

System Architecture

Packing List & Certification

Packing List

Item Qty(pcs) Description Remarks
CPE Device 1   Standard
Network cable 1 1m Standard
Gift Box 1 Customized Standard
User manual 1 Customized Standard
Power adapter 1 5V/2A Standard


Item Description
CE CE certification
Local Certification Support as per request