Customization Service

Recently, because of rapid technology upgrade and verious application requirements, the customer will have more and more specialize demand for specific demand, whose target is to meet a segment needs. In market the standard products will surely not meet all demands, so the effective and quick customization will determine whether we can seize the temporary market opportunity.

Based on close communication and relationship with partners and customers Wewins has an innovative customization process so as to quickly turn market potential need or creative ideas into qualified MBB &IoT products for mutual-benefits with partners and for customers. We not only launch on the solid&innovative products, but also open to share the values to customers by ODM business cooperation.

How to start a effective customization service?

Requirements clarification

Clients State the application function requirements into technical list and accurate performance demand. At the same time cost of main materials will also be considered for assuring the product market competence.

Technique fulfillment verification

Wewins R&D team will evaluate the possible solutions and risks from hardware and software and form a product development closed loop

R&D product completion

Based on the development difficulty the original product can be released from weeks to months differently. Normally if the products is upgraded from the existed model, the time can be controlled within 15 working days.

External test & feedback

For any new product we must have the process of external site test to assure the actual performance and stability, which is very valuable for optimization of product comprehensive features.

Optimization & sample sealed

After final modification in accordance with the initial product development standard we will seal the qualified sample, which will be the SOP guidance of our mass production.

Mass production service

Assure the volume production quality and product are the same as sealed sample and the initial shipment delivery time is up to order quantity, generally within 20 working days.