Established in 2006, Wewins Wireless Co., Ltd, is an experienced and professional ODM, which is the Qualcomm licensed partner, specializing in development of mobile broadband (MIFI, CPE, DONGLE/WINGLE, ODU, ) and IoT connection solutions. To keep the role as the world’s leading provider of mobile broadband and IoT connection solutions, Wewins has been continuously pursuing new technologies and more stable and competitive solution.

As a high-tech enterprise, Wewins Wireless Co., Ltd views its independent research and innovation resources as its major strength to develop the most stable and competitive, innovative devices to clients and partners. Until 2022, Wewins has 120+ employees, 80% of them are in R&D department.

Wewins is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has owned R&D branch in Chengdu. With nearly 20 years of accumulation, Wewins has gained rich experiences from different operators’ cooperation cases in SEA, MEA, EU regions and emerging markets. Meanwhile, Wewins has become a leading IDH providing innovative solutions and reliable services to global operators, MVNOs and brand companies.

Mobile Broadband & Fixed Wireless Access

Nearly 20 years with R&D capabilities accumulated, Wewins has successfully mastered the key technologies and market trends of the MBB products, subsequently creating products for various user groups (i.e., network telecom operators, industrial organizations and enterprises) that offer clients premium solutions with integrated designs and services. After years of experience cooperation with Operators and Telco’s in the telecommunication industry, Wewins MBB mainstream products include CAT4/6 MIFI&CPE(IDU), CAT4 DONGLE/WINGLE, 5G MIFI&CPE, 5G ODU, all of which are leaders in their respective genres.

Wewins serves Top telecom operators in SEA, MEA and EU regions and emerging markets. So far, Wewins shipped over 20Mn Qualcomm MBB devices to Global Operators and MNVOs.

Internet-of-Things Solution

Wewins’s Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices cover many applications requiring different types of wireless communication:  vehicle tracker, gateway, cattle tag, etc. They come in different sizes, shapes and are used in diverse environments. Their purpose and functionalities directly influence the communication method used and the performance required. In vehicle tracker solution, Wewins is the BOSCH stack business partner and show a good performance in  many commercial cases. At present, Wewins loT connection solutions are trusted for the deliverance of accurate, reliable results in a compact, cost and time-effective manner.